Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Rabbit Hutch

I know Easter is officially over, but my decorations are staying up for awhile. You're completely shocked, right? I'm thinking these bunnies can be displayed at least until summer starts.
The eggs will probably wear out their welcome before then, but the bunnies have staying power.

Okay, I may need to put Harvey away until next year. The sight of a four-foot tall rabbit might be a little unsettling by the time July rolls around.


LillySue said...

L*O*V*E the bunnies!! Yes, I would keep them out till summer. The little bunnies with the roosters on your shelf are just too cute!

Elizabeth said...

That is bunny central!! I spy the Williams Sonoma plates :) I still have my stuff up too, but I'll probably take them down tomorrow :(

The Vintage Rabbit said...

Love your big bunny.....her sister "The Vintage Rabbit" lives at my house!!!!!


Porch Days said...

Bunnies are always appropriate and fun!