Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas in a Can

I found this yummy little tin awhile back, and it had to come home with me. By no means did I need another tin, but I couldn't resist the faded peachy pink perfection of it. Can you blame me?
It has proven itself to be quite utilitarian. After all, at this time of year one cannot have enough places to display jolly little trees. Don't you agree?
Thank you so much for stopping by today. For a glimpse at pink things both functional and frivolous, pop over to the blog of our fabulous hostess Beverly for a list of today's Pink participants. Happy Day!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blessings to You

Hope you and your family have a wonderful day together.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pink Christmas

Summer before last I made some Christmas in July projects. I tried to do it again this past July, but I stalled out. My intent was to make a whole forest full of sequined trees...
You know, the retro ones made from a Styrofoam base with a million pins stuck into the surface in almost voodoo-like fashion.
I wanted them to be pink and fabulous.

At this point I would settle for finished.
For a tour of all things pink and wonderful, head over to the blog of our fabulous hostess Beverly for a list of all Pink participants. Happy Day!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

McCall Memories

I found the most wonderful vintage Christmas patterns today, and I just had to show them to you!
I fell head over heels for these little beauties in all their 1960's glory. I love, love, love the nativity scene at the top.

And aren't these tablecloths sooo kitschy cute?
Ooh, and the one for the card table is retro FABULOUS! Bridge anyone?

Aww, and the Victorian boot on this packet is just like the ones my grandmother used to make.

The best part is that each of these patterns are completely intact! I can whip up any of these delightful creations at my leisure. Hopefully forty years won't pass before that actually happens.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Almost Famous

Guess what... I'm in the winter issue of Artful Blogging! During the summer I participated in the Mad Hatter's Tea Party hosted by the fabulous Vanessa Valencia over at A Fanciful Twist. Well, the folks at Somerset Studios selected some of the photos from the blogs of the party revelers to feature in a little article about the event, and two of my pics made the cut. This is one of them! Yippee!!!

Now if you are a regular around here, you might recall my previous brush with periodical fame. Let me assure you dear readers that although this is a very exciting time for me, I will not allow the attention to go to my head. I have decided however that this magazine exposure might necessitate the need for me to look at (I mean for) an agent.

I wonder if Ari Gold aka Jeremy Piven is available?
Oh please, please, please!