Friday, October 17, 2008

My Big Break


The November issue of Country Living Magazine features a wonderful article about Silver Bella, a paper arts extravaganza that I attended last year. It was great to flip through the pages and see some of the fun gals that I had the honor of meeting. I was also delighted to catch a glimpse of myself in one photo as well. And I do mean a glimpse...


Those are my hands in the left side of the frame, cutting away at some paper. The adorable Jeanie of Southern Nest is to my left and Natalea, with the lovely locks, is to my right. You can even catch a gratuitous shot of my bangs in the photo as well. I knew keeping my 80's style do would pay off eventually.

Truth be told, my phone has not stopped ringing since the magazine hit the stands. My services are in demand. I can now join the ranks of other great hand models like George Costanza. Ooh, and speaking of which, I will borrow a page from his book and keep my investments safe...


It's now moisturizer and gloves 24/7... or at least when I'm not at a shoot.


Scrappy Jessi said...

tee hee
that is so funny!!
see ya soon.

Elizabeth said...

I'll have to go and thumb through my new issue to see that pic. I'm not happy with the cover of the issue though. You know how they show you the two versions they did,and it depends where you live? I want the turkey, that's all I'm saying :(

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...
cute post!!
I will have to run and get this issue to keep so I can say I knew her when...:) your sure to be famous now!!!

jenny holiday said...

HAHAHA!! You are such a crack up!! Too too funny!!

Yes!! Your bangs!! I'd know them anywhere! ; ) Candice Carpenter was lucky enough to have her nose/chin in a shot..she had a funny experience at Barnes & Noble....

It was a really cool spread..but of course I wish there were even more pics!! There was sooo much eye candy that weekend!!!

Will you be there this year??? Your sis? We are vendors! More time to hang out this year!! :)

Happy Fall you rockstar!!
xoxo Jenny
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hunnybunny said...

hahaha I was flipping through that issue today and used all sorts of self control. Now I must buy it and inform Mr. Bunny it's to support a fellow crafter's hand.

Sarah said...

too funny!
Vintage Lily

natalea said...

First of amazingly kind girl you!! Go right over and read my blog so you can get the slightest understanding of how greatful I am for your sweet package- although words cannot are too much!!
Second- how hysterical is that! I was showing off my hair and arm shot to all my friends and family! (needless to say they weren't really that impressed!) too funny!!! thanks a million Melissa!
xoxo natalea

Pink Slippers said...


Elizabeth said...

Sweet post!

have a lovely said...

LOL!! so many congrats on your big moment forcing you into stardom!!!