Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Go ask...

I just finished up a batch of Alice inspired tags for a little swap I'm in. I usually don't do swaps because the thought of making twelve of anything really stresses me out. Commitment issues? Perhaps. Anyhoo, this little exchange only required six tags, so I went for it. Six is just about the right amount. You know, so that you are not constantly asking yourself, "Why am I doing this???" when you are only on item number three out of the twelve you signed up to make. Yes, six is manageable.
I even like the way they turned out. Which is not always the case. Too much self loathing? Perhaps. But you know how that goes, right?
This is a little peek at the back. I think life is considerably better with all these delightful "admit one" tickets that seem to be everywhere these days. Yes, tickets add some zing to a project that might otherwise be lacking. Just like glitter does. Hey, what a minute. I forgot the glitter here.
Great, so much for my "six is manageable" theory.


Pattyjo said...

Your Alice and Wonderland tags are awesome! I do understand self loathing sometimes. Hahaha I can be hard on my self too. LOL

Elizabeth said...

Those are darling!! I love anything Alice in Wonderland though :)

I did see the new stuff at WS, but I'm not sure I love it like last year. Did you see that Liberty of London is coming to Target on the 14TH of March?? Check out their site if you haven't already seen their new add on TV. That little event will most likely be my first outing since my surgery.

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I like those tickets too.

Hey, if you think 12 would be hard, try 80.... what is wrong with me?

But I've loved it, and love the thoughtful gift, thanks so much!


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I got one of your tags in my tag book & I couldn't be more pleased...it is indeed awesome! Thank you!

Bunty said...

Hi Melissa

Thanks for your lovely comments about receiving one of my tags back! It is so nice to get feedback and I'm glad you like the one you got - I guess you got the White Rabbit!

Your tags look lovely too and I am eagerly awaiting mine but they will take a bit longer to arrive, having to travel across the pond. It was a really fun swap. Thanks again.

Barbara :)