Wednesday, November 18, 2009

McCall Memories

I found the most wonderful vintage Christmas patterns today, and I just had to show them to you!
I fell head over heels for these little beauties in all their 1960's glory. I love, love, love the nativity scene at the top.

And aren't these tablecloths sooo kitschy cute?
Ooh, and the one for the card table is retro FABULOUS! Bridge anyone?

Aww, and the Victorian boot on this packet is just like the ones my grandmother used to make.

The best part is that each of these patterns are completely intact! I can whip up any of these delightful creations at my leisure. Hopefully forty years won't pass before that actually happens.


Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll,

darling patterns.
i have you all signed up for the cookie swap. yeah. thanks girl.
see ya soon

Anna Matthews said...

I've never seen non-clothing patterns before, what a great find!

Elizabeth said...

Those really remind me of my grandma and auntie. My auntie use to make all kinds of Christmas stuff like that with felt and sequins.

P.s. how did you like the ending of "Mad Men?" I thought it was pretty good, since it will give a whole new bunch of story lines. It is funny thought that they are getting a divorce, since I remember that was somewhat of a social stigma in the early sixties. Bets is silly to run off with that guy I think. She doesn't seem really that attached to him either!! Don might be better off with the teacher.