Monday, November 2, 2009

Almost Famous

Guess what... I'm in the winter issue of Artful Blogging! During the summer I participated in the Mad Hatter's Tea Party hosted by the fabulous Vanessa Valencia over at A Fanciful Twist. Well, the folks at Somerset Studios selected some of the photos from the blogs of the party revelers to feature in a little article about the event, and two of my pics made the cut. This is one of them! Yippee!!!

Now if you are a regular around here, you might recall my previous brush with periodical fame. Let me assure you dear readers that although this is a very exciting time for me, I will not allow the attention to go to my head. I have decided however that this magazine exposure might necessitate the need for me to look at (I mean for) an agent.

I wonder if Ari Gold aka Jeremy Piven is available?
Oh please, please, please!


Elizabeth said...

Yay good for you!!

natalea said...

I just had that issue in my hand today but didn't buy it- now I want it! I am going to be in an upcoming issue too! I'll buy yours if you buy mine-k?!
Hope all is well my friend. I miss you! xo natalea

The Vintage Rabbit said...

So excited for you!!! Go ahead and toot your horn!!! You deserve it!!!!

smiles, Joy!