Friday, June 12, 2009

Water Baby

My baby girl just finished two weeks worth of swimming lessons. She can kick her feet, blow bubbles, and move the water out of the way with her arms...only not all at the same time. But practice makes perfect, right? Popsicle incentives never hurt either.


Elizabeth said...

What a darling little photo. I remember swim lessons with my girls, I loved taking them to the pool.

LillySue said...

I wish I had a polka dot bathing suit!! What a great summer you are going to have!

natalea said...

How sweet that photo is! Scarlet starts her swimming lessons next Monday- I think we are living the same life sometimes! Hope you are enjoying your summer off- have fun xo natalea

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Melissa,

How are you? It looks like you are enjoying the summer and the pool. Just keep her in the water and she will get the hang of it before you know it!

Take Care,