Friday, August 21, 2009


Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm the girl who hasn't blogged in almost a month. YIKES!!!
All is well, but school started back up on August 5th (Yes, you read that correctly) and I have been treading water ever since. In addition to teaching American Lit. I was given two sections of British Literature to do as well. Normally this would be all well and good, but this new assignment occurred just one day prior to the start of classes (Yes, you read that correctly).
To say that I'm up to my eyebrows in Beowulf would be an understatement. I am literally staying ahead of my students by two days at best. So I just wanted to pop in and say hello before I started my homework. Next on the syllabus is
Le Morte d' Arthur, that is if Le Morte d' Melissa does not occur first. This Brit Lit. business does have a silver lining though...say it with me people... J-a-n-e A-u-s-t-e-n.
Okay, I can do it.


vivian said...

haha! have fun with all that reading! I like to read a little.. but would rather create something! I wish I was more of a reading.. its easier to take a book to the beach then a bag of artsy projects!!!
Well.. then theres magazines.. thats my reading material of choice! heehee!
have fun

Elizabeth said...

Well, well, miss your are back!!! Did you watch Mad Men?? Silly question I'm sure you must have :)

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LillySue said...

I have been an absent blogger as well....
My daughter starts Beowolf in Honors English next week. She is a sophmore. I think she will like it since she is into that kind of stories. Hope your fall is more relaxed!

LillySue said...

We have watched one of the Beowolf movies (The one with Gerard Butler) and are waiting for the one with Angelina Jolie (Netflix). They all put there own spin on them. I LOVE Jane Austen!!