Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Water, water everywhere...

My Sweetie often accuses me of watering the yard too much. Let me rephrase that. My husband says I waste water. To be perfectly honest, he does not have an issue with me watering the grass, but he does freak out when I inadvertently water the sidewalk, the neighbor's yard, the street, etc. Hey, I can't help it if occasionally the wind picks up and sends the water intended for our grass over to Mr. Crankenberry's yard next door, or if the water pressure suddenly changes and causes the sprinkler to shoot out a long continual drink to the asphalt. I am however taking a closer look at how much water I actually have been using after discovering random patches of the above flirty fungus sprinkled throughout the yard. Shhhh... please don't say anything to my Sweetie, and maybe he won't notice. Hopefully a roving band of gnomes won't tip him off either.

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