Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pumpkins Please

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of pumpkins this year. There is a place out in the country that offers locally grown produce and I called them to ask if they had pumpkins yet. I could practically hear the clerk's eyes roll at my inquiry. "Pumpkins aren't ready yet," the woman said. In farmer talk what she really said was, "Pumpkins aren't ready yet, you big dummy." Granted it was September 1st when I called, but she still could have had some compassion on a poor pumpkin loving girl like myself.
So I have to play it cool now, I can't call back there again. I'm trying to convince my Sweetie to call from a pay phone for me or something like that, to find out the pumpkin status. His eye roll at this request makes me think that he and the farmer's market clerk are in cahoots somehow. So until I can get my hands on some orange beauties of a larger variety these little tiger pumpkins from Walmart will have to do.


natalea said...

Funny!! I have been scoping out the market everytime I drive by, anxiously awaiting the arrival of pumpkins. And at the grocery store I was excited to see all the use-for-actual-cooking little pumpkins and had to stop myself from loading up the cart. I was afraid the cashier was going to ask me if I was making pie or I know all about the eye-rolling! Ha!
happy pumpkin-hunting! xoxo nat

Elizabeth said...

Hold your horses girl ;) I know I love them too, but lately I have been trying to not rush seasons, because I feel like time is flying by too fast as it is, and I love fall sooooo much that I want to savor every bit of it.