Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fourth of July Favorites

When I was a kid KTLA always had a Twilight Zone marathon on the 4th of July. I watched that show at 1:00 pm every weekday of summer anyway, but to have a whole day of back to back shows was even better. Thankfully the Sci-Fi Channel continues that tradition. Having Twilight Zone on, even as background noise, is forever linked to July in my memory.
Same drill with Wimbledon. I watched Wimbledon every July for as far back as I can remember. Flipping back and forth between it and Twilight Zone of course. I only liked Men's Singles though. My tennis crushes were Bjorn Borg, Ivan Lendl, and Pete Sampras. Ahh...dreamy Pete Sampras. Oh, and to watch the Queen award shiny silver cups and platters to the victors was the icing on the cake. Royals and Pete Sampras!
Oh yes, and the quintessential family barbecue. I love the smell of propane in the morning.
And the Fourth just isn't the Fourth without homemade ice cream. Growing up we had an old hand crank ice cream maker. My mom would cover the top with a towel and have me sit on it while my brother turned the handle. Geeze, it must have taken forever to make that gallon freezer, but it was the BEST ice cream ever! We finally bought an electric machine so the dream could live on without so much elbow grease.
And of course I love fireworks! This picture is special because it shows my absolute favorite color and green! When I was little I had a Spirograph with neon color pins for drawing. The pink pin was my favorite to doodle with, along with the green for overlapping designs. When I saw these same color fireworks displayed together for the first time I thought they looked just like my Spirograph drawings from home. They have been my favorite ever since.

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Allison said...

Ha- I remember watching Wimbledon and then staying up late to watch the recap around Johnny Carson time. I was just a kid in a beanbag chair and I'd fall asleep watching the reruns of Borg falling to his knees over and over again. You should NEVER fall asleep in a beanbag chair, by the way. Ow.

My favorites were Guillermo Vilas, Vitas Gerulaitis, Yannick Noah, Bjorn Borg and Ilie Nastase. All of them except Vitas (sometimes) and Nastase (all the time) were gentlemen on the court, and all were amazing tennis players who were enjoyable to watch.