Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crepe Paper Creation

About a month ago I showed you this wonderful vintage crepe paper I bought. Here is how I put some of it to use. The image I used in the center is from Carol's fabulous blog, Raised in Cotton. She was so generous to post several old time photos for her readers to use. I think the piece still needs something though...perhaps some stars, a well chosen word or lettering.
Maybe just more glitter...Yes, more glitter. Everything is better with more glitter.


Anonymous said...

That looks great, I love it.


Heidi said...

How cute! I agree that it needs a little something more, like a phrase or word. Do you have any chipboard letters you could glitter? Or maybe trace a word in glue and glitter it? Yes, definitely more glitter. There's no such thing as too much! :D

fated follies studio said...

yay! i love it. your project is really creative. i bought a little piece of that same crepe paper and will posting what i made on the 4th. i love vintage crepe paper. :)


Tammy said...

You crafty girl, that is darling!