Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Patriotic Paraphernalia

Last year County Living Magazine featured the most wonderful Fourth of July decorating projects. Most of them had vintage crepe paper as one of the key ingredients. At the time I was unable to find the same style of streamer they had used, but this year I got lucky! My fabulous friend Natalea had some if this perfect vintage crepe available in her Etsy shop, and I was fortunate enough to snap it up. As I have said before, Natalea finds the best mix of goodies to offer in her shop. As an added bonus she always includes the most thoughtful extras in the package too. I only purchased the crepe paper, but she sent the wonderful buttons, millinery flowers, seam binding and that adorable "M" token. Ooh, and it's all color coordinated too! LOVE it!

I wanted to show you the picture of the projects I was describing from Country Living, but I guess they do not allow you to copy and paste their photos. However, click HERE and you can pop over and see them for yourself. Last year I made the little hats and used them as place cards. Now with this fab red, white, and blue crepe paper I plan to make those great chair decorations. If I am productive, I'll report back with my results. Hope you have a wonderful day!


Heidi said...

Lucky you! I've been looking for some just like that since I saw that article last year. :)

My mom and I attempted the rosette banner from that article last year and it was HARD. There were almost no instructions or measurements whatsoever so we had to guess and it was really tricky. Neither of us were very happy with the results and neither of us actually finished them. I guess it's about time to pull them out and see if there's a way I can fix them for this year. I loved all the projects featured--they just needed to have a better technical writer do that article. I know of a fellow blogger who had a similar experience with her rosettes so I don't think it was just our incompetence! LOL

I'd love to see photos of your chair decorations when you're finished!

Natalea said...

Oh good! I'm glad you are going to make something wonderful with that crepe! can't wait to see it!
have a gradt day~ xo natalea

hunnybunny said...

Oh my gosh, that looks like it is going to be SO fabulous! It's pictures like that (well ok, all of Country Living)that makes me think my husband has had worse ideas than buying a house out in the country. If he only understood how me reading these blogs helps his argument. I can't wait to see your progress!

Sarah said...

love that crepe paper. My husbands favorite holiday is July 4th. I tried clicking on the Country Living link but it didn't work. hmmm...maybe my computer..I don't know!
Vintage Lily

Bristol said...

They did have wonderful ideas! We are usually on vaca during the 4th. This year I will be home, so I am going to attempt some. Good luck with yours~

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Found you through Sugar Sugar I think. What a fun tour of your blog!!