Monday, June 16, 2008

Jam Session

The apricots were finally ready, so I thought I better switch over into Betty Crocker mode and make that jam I mentioned before.
These girls needed a dip in the tub.
I use the recipe that comes with the package of Sure-Jell. All you need is fruit, Sure-Jell, sugar, and lemon juice.
This is five cups of finely chopped apricots. At first I was worried that I would not have enough fruit to work with. The birds were privy to the ripe and ready status before I was, so a large amount had already been sampled. Those birds are so fickle, they just hop from piece to piece taking a bite here and a bite there, never satisfied to finish the one they started.
It only took three lemons to yield a fourth of a cup of fresh juice, but I was prepared just in case.
Fire up the stove and get ready to stir!
Okay, I had been stirring for a LONG time at this point.
Alright, things got a little dicey after I added the sugar, that's why we leap forward a little with our picture documentation. If I hadn't decided to do this between the hours of 11 PM and 2 AM I might have had someone other than myself taking the snaps, but that's not how I roll. Turns out it's next to impossible to stir the equivalent of molten lava and hold a camera.
The lids needed a steamy bath too.


Their fate is sealed...hopefully!


Too hot to handle, but I managed a pic anyway. Man, where is my key grip when I need him? Oh that's right...ASLEEP like all the other sane people in the world at 2:00 in the morning.


Totally worth staying up to make this batch. All the jars sealed perfectly and it is yummy! If you're really good this year, I'll put you on my Christmas list. And if apricot is not your thing, I'm thinking strawberry and blueberry might be worth the trouble too.


Angela said...

You are ADORABLE! And I love those short little jars you found too. Will have to search for those. :)

hunnybunny said...

I bought those jars last year and they didn't fit in my canner basket! I use them for buttons now. I want apricot jam too. We'll be getting ready for strawberry jam really soon. I was hoping to do strawberry and some sort of green jam for gifts with bread for the holidays, or maybe Mountain Dew jelly. That should be toxic green, right?

Sarah said...

That's GREAT that you JAM! I've never done it but my grandmother used to and my mom periodically does. Definetly a "chore" that needs to be kept alive!

Natalea said...

oh yum!!! I hope you put me on your Christmas list!! That looks so good...I love apricots! Those little jars are so cute too. It's the perfect amount. You are a domestic goddess right now Melissa~
have a good day! xo natalea

hopetreestudio said...

Oh I love apricot jam! Oh an homemade must be the best!Drooling! Denise

hopetreestudio said...

Oh I love apricot jam! Oh an homemade must be the best!Drooling! Denise

Angie said...

wow! nice to know that i am not the only person that has decided to make something in the wee hours. i once woke everyone up at 1 in the morning with the tantalizing aroma of apple pie that couldn't wait till morning. lol! we make strawberry jam every summer..and it is just the best! love your little jars..too cute!


Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness those are beautiful!! I LOVE apricot jam :) great job!!!!

janae said...

I so want to try to make some jam / can my tomatoes when they start to ripen, but I tried strawberries ONCE and it was awful...I have scads of raspberry bushes that are yielding pints of fruit every few made it look so simple, I might just have to give it a whirl!!