Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All Olivia, All the Time

My two, soon to be three, year old daughter has only one book on her summer reading list...Olivia. Everyday, all day...Olivia plain and simple. She's only had this book for two weeks but has already "read" it countless times. After playing with other toys or being gone from the house for awhile, she will look up and ask quizzically, "Where's my 'Livia' book?"
During my wee one's swimming lesson the instructor had her stretch out by the side of the pool to practice the floating technique prior to having her do it in the water. While getting into position she informed her teacher (in true Olivia fashion) that she had to "bask in the sun." Is she brilliant or just highly suggestible? I'm going with brilliant of course! Gotta run, someone is looking for her "Livia" book again, and I didn't even hide it this time. Happy Day!


Natalea said...

I say definitely "brilliant"!! It's so cute how kids get "hooked" on certain books! I personally am hooked on any Mercer Mayer Little Critter books...luckily Scarlet likes them too!
have a good day~ xo natalea

sita said...

Aren't kids the cutest? I will have to pick up that book looks like fun! I have a dramatic yr old myself and her brother holds his own too!

Sarah said...

oh! We love Olivia!
Vintage Lily