Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You haven't seen our movie?!

Not until yesterday anyway! Geeze, I thought it was going to be the whole Marie Antoinette saga all over again! Fortunately, my own Mr. Big took me to see it. Don't tell him I told though, he would be embarrassed. That was payback for me standing in line three hours in 1999 to buy him a ticket to see Stars Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace while he had to work. A girl doesn't forget a favor like that. I was just waiting for the perfect time to call in my marker.
So glad I had the chance to go. If you loved the show you will love the movie... I LOVED the movie! Only one thing bugged me though, Carrie wore the same belt (the one in the picture above) several times in the film. That seemed like a very "un-Carrie" like thing to do. The first time I noticed it was a repeat I made the mistake of asking my Sweetie whether it was the same belt she had on with a previous outfit. That question was rewarded with an eye roll followed by an empty stare. If I had asked him a similar question about Obi-Wan Kenobi's attire back in 1999 he would have been able to prattle on and on. Note to self...Don't take a boy to a chick flick, even if they watched every episode of the TV series it was based on with you.


Angie said... husband always seemed to wander out when i was watching "Sex" on tv, too...oh, he always had some reason. i haven't seen the movie yet but hopefully will soon. love reading your blog!


Elizabeth said...

Your poor husband. I can just imagine him sitting there! I never got into watching the series,so I guess I won't be seeing the movie,but I'm glad you got to go and enjoy it.
You have been tagged my me! go to my blog and check out the questions and rules. Have fun :)

Donna O. said...

I decided to go alone, not even with girlfriends (which I will do later). I just wanted to take it all in without the fear of eyerolling. Loved it, too!

Dyan said...

I watched the movie on Sunday and loved it too. My hubby lucked out because I went with my sister who is a big, big SATC fan. I'm saving my trade off with my hubby for later this year since I was persuaded to go watch Iron Man with him some weeks ago.
Dy said...

I didn't notice the belt! I plan on going again with a second set of freinds and will watch for it.

Devid said...

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