Friday, June 13, 2008

Decorating Daydream

When I was in seventh grade I took Home Ec. for the very first time. It was in that class where I learned all the basics of baking. For a time I even wanted to go into the cake baking business. I must have talked about this pretty adamantly, because my grandmother gave me this book that same year. The book was was copyright 1961, making it over twenty years old, but I still thought all the ideas inside were wonderful.
I remember paging through it and getting excited at the thought of all the perfectly decorated cakes I was going to create.
I loved this shoe cake especially and studied the directions to it countless times. I was intrigued with those round party favors too, and often wondered what was inside them.
I loved the thought of making tinted coconut for this cake too.
I didn't remember this adorable doggie until flipping through this book again. Love him!

My cake baking ambitions were short lived. I guess ideas are like that in the brain of a twelve year old, but I kept the book. Now twenty five years later, I am poring over this now forty-seven year old book thinking again how wonderful all these ideas really are.


The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Melissa,

What a pretty book. I look forward to seeing one of your confection creations.

I too, am a fan and friend of Natalea's. She is such a great gal. Congrats on receiving your award, too!

sheshedecor said...

Absolutely awesome and I love your Blog!


Anonymous said...

I love this book. I can remember my mom used to make an Easter Bunny cake with coconut frosting. And remember when doll cakes were all the rage. The other day I bought a couple of cupcake books. I had this wild idea to start making gourmet cupcakes and selling them. My daughter just kind of chuckled at me.


heidi said...

hello - glad you're joining in on the show & tell sunday ~ see you tomorrow! xo heidi
ps ~ last year i took the whole wilton cake decorating courses and it ade e have a whole new appreciation for the art of cake dec!

Donna O. said...

Oh, what a great little book. I never bake but would happily eat all of those n the photos!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

gosh.. you got such a nice book here.. have any idea where I can have one like yours?

I love your blog.. thank you for sharing..

vintage paper bella~andrea said...

what a sweet little book to have, I love all the colors :)

Sarah said...

How fun! I took a cake decorating class 2 years ago. Don't have lots of patience for it but am glad I can pipe up some flowers...sort of!
Vintage Lily

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

I wonder if they even have home ec in school anymore.
I learned all my cooking and sewing skills their.
my mom wouldnt allow me in her

Elizabeth said...

That is a cute book :)