Sunday, June 29, 2008

Paradise Lost

When we purchased our home one of the main features that attracted us to it was the mature landscaping. Our front yard contains several shady pecan trees and a couple of bearing plum trees. The back yard has pine, almond, apricot, and pear trees as well as a beautiful grape arbor. With all of this abundance you might think we could set up shop at the local farmer's market, but not so. We have The Interlopers to thank for that.
Allow me to introduce Exhibit A... aka the ravenous squirrel. I think he's eating one of the pecans left over from fall, but only because he has the deemed that the grapes in the first photo are not ready yet. Last year so many grapes went missing that I was sure these fellows had started their own winery.
The fruit trees and grape vines aren't the only all you can eat venues on the property. It seems as though pine cones from the Ponderosa pines are a delicacy too. It's odd though, apparently it's okay to eat these when they are still green. I think things would be alright if we just had two squirrels to contend with, but these guys are only a fraction of the day shift. The rest of the crew partied too much last night drinking wine, so they were all a little late getting on site today.
You would think that having a dog would deter some of this pilfering. Not the case here. We think the squirrel syndicate is pushing a few extra pecans Maggie's way so that she will turn a blind eye to their larceny. Nice try girl, but we're on to you.

That's what we get for having a literal chow hound on sentry duty.


Terri said...

I LOVE this post! We have a plum tree and a pear tree. I was so excited to think I could pick fruit from our backyard. Little did I know about pilfering squirrels. I have two dogs, who couldn't care less. Heck, they'll even share their dog food on occasion.

Before I learned about interlopers to a fenced in back yard, I planted tomatoes, peppers and some other veggies. One Sunday morning I went out to check my tomatoes, which were just about ripe, to discover that something had taken bites out of most of them! I ran back inside and told my husband that something was eating my tomatoes! He said not to worry, he'd get me something to spray them. I told him he didn't understand - something was literally taking HUGE bites from my tomatoes. Seems we not only have squirrels, we have raccoons and opossum, too. Oh well, I don't have much of a green thumb anyway.

I so enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

I love to watch the squirrels around our house. The other day there were two of them playing and one of them was a real young one and he kept doing sommersaults. It was hysterical.


Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

How funny those squirells are.
I have a friend who swears his squirells are out to get him!
He safely traps them takes them to the woods and releases them and before he knows it they are back tormenting him! hee hee
He said hes going to start marking them to see if its really the same ones coming back its become quite an obsession for

Elizabeth said...

Funny post Melissa :) I live out in a rural area and see the same thing happening out my way with those little darlings!

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That place certainly is a paradise. How lucky of you.