Monday, August 11, 2008

Stepping Out With My Baby

Lately I have been drooling over all the shoes in Anthropologie's autumn catalog. I love their overall vintage flair, and I can totally picture myself doing the Charleston at a dimly lit speak-easy while wearing any of them. Unfortunately, the price of a pair of these is directly proportional to their beauty.
Things were looking rather glum on the fall footwear front until I found these charmers for only $24.99. I know, I know, the heels aren't chunky, but they will be perfect for dancing the Black Bottom anyway. They also go great with this vintage purse that my mom used to carry. And to answer the question...Yes, it does feel good to Payless.


Celia said...

You see? I do need a thrift store in town!!!!!
God, what a treasure!

Elizabeth said...

I love Anthropologie,but my goodness the prices send me over!! Their sister store Urban Outfitters really makes me mad at what they charge for things that aren't made too well. OK enough of that rant. Those shoes are darling and so is the purse. Maybe Anthropologie will clearance them when they get their winter stuff!

Elizabeth said...

I LOVED Betty's coat! The thing I noticed most about it, was how it made her eyes extra blue!! She is so pretty,and together with hubby, they are stunning to look at :) How gross was that guy who did the add for the potato chips! That dinner scene was something else!

Natalea said...

love 'em!!!

Pink Slippers said...

I love them.

Mary said...

Those shoes are darling, and I love that you carry your mom's purse. I just found your blog and it is a joy to read!
P.S. I have an Anthropologie down the street and I always make a B line straight to the back room - SALE.

Greyscale Territory said...

Love all those shoes! So romantic! Strangely, it is the last pair that may get the most wear to different places! I would feel the first ones would be so fancy I would be selective where I wear them!

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

I just recently discovered Anthropologie and have just been there for the first time ever!
I know Ive been living under a rock or something... :)
its a great store!