Friday, August 8, 2008

Zinnias for Remembrance

Every year around this time my neighbor's beautiful zinnias are in bloom. I have always loved these flowers, but I have never planted any of my own. I always think of it too late.
Seeing these flowers does however remind me of a handout I colored in the second grade that featured these same blooms. That was circa 1977 when Crayola had just started making florescent colored crayons. I think there were only four or five magic colors in a small box, but they were perfect.
The crayons could be applied heavily to recreate the more vibrant tones,
or a lighter hand could lead to more subtle shades. They were the ideal colors for my ideal flowers. Ahhh zinnias....Ahhh second grade.

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Pink Slippers said...

I have great memories of kindergareten through 3 grade too. Eating lunch in the class when it would rain. Child memories are so special because everything is new. To sit and just color was so much fun. Have a great day, Wendy