Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Yet To Come

Christmas decorating continues. This is the hutch in my kitchen that I have shown you before, but it is nowhere near finished. What you are seeing here is a work in progress. I like to start piling things up on the shelves to get a feel for it all. I like to eyeball the colors and heights of different objects and how they work together. All of this may stay, or we may go back to the old drawing board.

You may have figured out that I have an affection for gingham checked fabric. That will probably stay for sure. However, my husband's cell phone, watch, glasses, and wallet in the lower right hand corner are going to have to go. When I mentioned this he said, "Just put one of your glass dome things over it all. It'll look great." Right, nothing says Christmas like a cloche over some electronic gadgets. The snowmen seem to like his idea though. Typical.


Pink Slippers said...

They just didn't the same eye for prettiness as we did. :)

natalea said...

I've been the same way- kind of putting a bunch of stuff up on open shelves, not sure if it will stay, but kind of going with the flow! I figure it probably will stay, because I'll lose interest in it...most likely I'll just add more and more stuff as I get it! love the gingham! xo

Elizabeth said...

Wow, it's super Christmasy at your blog! You have decorations,music...I haven't even wrapped the idea around my head yet that it is the end of November :)

Mary said...

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!
I had to laugh when I read your post and saw your adorable vignette with your husband's shtuff" in the corner. I have one of those too! I work for hours getting my black bookcase department store window perfect and he comes home and plops change in the vintage china bowls, and his sunglasses, blackberry, bluetooth, etc. and messes up my photo op. I love that you took the photo anyway!!! Very real and down-to-earth.
Have a fun holiday,