Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lining and Zipper and Gathers, Oh My!

So two lines into the directions for the Dorothy costume, I signed a blank check and put it in the swear jar.
I knew the thing had a zipper, but I figured I could rig up the closure with Velcro if I got in over my head. For some reason though, the fact that the pattern did not call for interfacing didn't send up any red flags for me.
Turns out the bodice had to be lined rather than interfaced. In my book, having to deal with lining is the equivalent of making a second garment. ARGH!
It's fitting that one of the main parts of the machine has the word "pressure" in it's title.
However, it was worth the time, effort, and the full round of golf that the check ended up covering.


Diane said...

Oh My Dorothy Looks perfect, off to see the Wizard.
Great Work!
Hugs, Diane

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Beautiful work! she looks adorable! I hope the golf goes well! ;)

Im having my first GIVE-AWAY, so stop by if you get a sec, I just adore your blog and visit often!

~ Cynthia ~

An Accomplished Woman said...

What a beautiful costume you made, great job. Your blog is adorable.

BellaColle' said...

thread...$1.00.. velcro..$3.00... interfacing??!..uuckky..
Beautiful little one.. priceless! Way to go! It turned out lovely!

Elizabeth said...

OMG! too cute!! If you go to my blog, I put up an old photo of the Halloween that I made a Dorothy costume. I used a shirt that I already had and just made the pinafore,and like I said, Target wasn't carrying the ruby slippers back in 1994. Your daughter looks so beautiful.
I have a question for you. I noticed that you have a Bernina. I bought the Activa 240,and while I love it and all it can do, mine tends to every once in a while skip stitches. Yours wouldn't happen to have the same problem would it? I have heard that some of the newer Bernina machines have been known to do this. Just wondering.

Wasn't the ending of Mad Men great!! At least now I know why she was bleeding :)

meleen dupré said...

did it bring a tear to your eye when she put it on?? sweet she looks!!!


jenny holiday said...

ahhhhhh!!! My goooodnesssss!! Amaaaazing!! And seeeriously ADORABLE!!! Perfect perfect perfect!!!! You my dear are amazing!! How bout you bottle some of that talent and creativity for us?

Just tooo too cute!!! GREAT JOB!!!

Thanks for the pics!! I'll be smiling all day!

xoxo Jenny

Secondhandrose said...

Oh goodness, that Dorothy is the cutest. I know, with sewing I make up some of my own directions! You did a great job. Come for a visit.

Sarah said...

little miss dorothy! good job on her costume!
Vintage Lily

hunnybunny said...

Oooh ooh oooh!!! That is SOOOO cute! You really did an amazing job! Pkus you used a pattern I HATE those things...