Thursday, February 12, 2009

31 Favors

Okay, we didn't make quite that many but almost! I made about four before the whole process started to get more streamlined. Here's the skinny...

The one for boys contained:
1 mini pinball puzzle, 1 Matchbox car, 2 lollipops, 1 roll of sweet tarts.

The one for girls contained:
1 heart shaped pad of paper, 1 tiny marker, 1 mini bottle of bubbles, 2 heart stickers, 2 plastic rings, 2 lollipops, and 1 roll of sweet tarts.

Yes, the girls get more but those Matchbox cars took up a lot of room! Would boys even appreciate heart shaped paper? Exactly.

I thought I would surprise my girl by making a favor for her too. She automatically assumed she was getting one and proceeded to pick out the trinkets she liked best to fill her own pail. I had planned on giving her the pink "I LOVE YOU" pail, but she chose this red one instead. She opted for a smiley face ring over the one with pink lips, the turquoise bottle of bubbles in place of the red, but stopped just short of requesting only pink sweet tarts. This whole experience will be great on my resume if I ever decide to get a job as a personal assistant in Hollywood.
When I showed my husband these pink polka dot creations he said, "What are we doing for the boys?" Geeze, talk about a buzzkill.


vivian said...

they turned out soo cute! the children will love them. I'm having a little valentine teaparty this weekend, probably wont post pictures til tomorrow afternoon, but you should stop and check them out!
happy valentines day!

natalea said...

they are wonderful Melissa!
happy Valentines DAy!!
xo nat

Anonymous said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE.... I made fortune cookies one year... 28 to be exact... each said different things... My girls are older and they "DIDN'T THINK ABOUT IT" and it was my fault so I cherish those days when they appreciated the "LITTLE THINGS" cute....
kim s.

Elizabeth said...

Those look like eye candy to me, so darling :)

hunnybunny said...

That is so cute!!!! I love Valenitine Goodies! Next year will YOU be my valentine. : )