Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Okay, so I've mentioned that I'm addicted to television. I know, I know, one minute I'm telling you about the inordinate amount of ice cream in my freezer and now I'm basically proclaiming my couch potato status.(You're a smart group so you probably already figured as much, right?) Anyhoo, I'm so excited that the new season of Glee has started. Project Runway is winding down so I can replace it with Glee. See, that isn't so bad. It's not like I'm adding to the backlog of shows I've already recorded, I'm merely switching one for the other. Perfectly acceptable, no need for an intervention.This show is appealing to me because I can see myself and a part of my high school experience in each episode.
For example, I totally had an outfit like this in high school. The only difference was that mine was yellow. Does that make it worse? Maybe not because my matching Candie's flats were awesome. (Read the word "awesome" one octave higher than the rest of the text for intended effect)
I even wore things like Emma the guidance counselor. Students are not supposed to dress like the guidance counselor. That's one of the Ten Commandments I think.

Oh yeah, and I had this fitness Nazi for P.E. for two consecutive years. I've already mentioned my thing for TV and ice cream, so you can imagine how well the two of us hit it off.
But the best part of the show besides singing along to the music and reminiscing about my whole choral experience is watching how Rachel finds her Finn. Mine didn't come along until college, but he was worth the wait.

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vivian said...

its on here right now.. and it is a fun show! I'm glad its not opposite of american idol though!