Tuesday, April 22, 2008

British Invasion

I have to share another one of my collections with you. I adore Cornish Kitchen Ware from England. Over ten years ago Country Living magazine had a cover photo featuring a hutch filled with shelf upon shelf of these unique blue and white kitchen canisters. I am from a long line of dish lovers, for my mother it was Franciscan "Apple" pattern for my grandmother Fiestaware, but I had never seen anything quite like these blue and white beauties. They had me at blue and white...the attraction was immediate...I had to find out more about my new love.

After reading the related article, I learned that this particular kitchenware was from England. It had a long history and was a commonplace in many homes there. Since I had never seen any of this pottery while antiquing and not being very familiar with Ebay at the time, I thought the possibility of running across any pieces in my neck of the woods to be unlikely. Nevertheless, I kept the magazine with the hope that one day I might find at least one of these lettered jars to call my own.

Several months later, while attending an antique fair, I came across a booth that had on display the same issue of Country Living that I had stored away in my wish file. Attached to the magazine was a 3x5 note card stating that 13 pieces of this very same style of pottery were available for purchase!!! The dealer was from another town and had not brought the pieces with her, just the magazine to see if anyone was interested. Fast forward two weeks... thirteen pieces of vintage Cornish Ware are lined up on the hutch in my kitchen! I would learn much later that I bought all thirteen pieces for as much as some collectors would pay for one jar !!! Serendipity baby!
Enthusiastically, I joined a collector's club from across the pond and acquired some of their new pieces designed exclusively for members. This cake dome is one of them.
Here is a closer look at the milk pitcher. It is marked on the inside with the different measurements . The piece on the left is Bridgewater. We've talked about this people, I am a sucker for lettering.
Ooh.. and I had to show you a better view of the marmalade. I love that it has the serif style font for its lettering. Up front is a salt cellar. It features the sanserif style font.

Alright, guilty as charged...I added more pieces when I discovered the wonderful world of Ebay too. I have slowed down though...I mean I have to leave some room for my beloved glass jars!

Hope your day is filled with delightful surprises!


Natalea said...

Those pieces are wonderful! What a collection you have!
xo natalea

Anonymous said...

WOWSERS! you have loads of Cornish ware I love it also Its very collect able now you were very lucky to find so much in one go .I have one piece a lovely jug its so vintage chic .
I love your blog
thanks for sharing it with us
love from sesga xx

Anonymous said...

I so love that plate with the polka dot bow.

LeAnn :)

Elizabeth said...

OOO those are really neat!! I love the Bridgewater pieces,but I don't think that I had ever seen the blue and white ones you have here.I have huge regrets for not buying any Bridgewater when I was in London :( I also love all the British wording on some of your pieces. Like "Sultanas." Thanks for sharing from one dish lover to another.

Legacies For You said...

I have always loved Cornish ware and have often drooled over it when they have it on Cash In The Attic (BBC version). I have a collection of Molly Dallas pottery that would look great with it, but I would probably go overboard if I began an Ebay search. Thanks for sharing your treasures.

Legacies For You said...

I have always loved Cornish ware and have often drooled over it when it appears on Cash In The Attic (BBC version). I have a collection of Molly Dallas and old mixing bowls that it would look great with, but if I were to begin Ebay searches I might go overboard. Thanks for sharing your treasures!