Monday, April 7, 2008

No, Prince Does Not Live Here.

Have I ever mentioned that my favorite color is purple?
I have always loved it. One summer when I was little I told the kindly next door neighbor that I was allergic to all flavors of Popsicle except grape, just to be sure that I would receive a purple one when she did her daily distribution of these to all the kids within a two block radius. LOL!

It's odd to me that purple is such a polarizing color for most. People either love it or hate it.Sorry purple, no middle ground of indifference for you! Now I'm not saying I would want to drive a purple car, but I have gone as far as to paint three rooms in my home in varying shades of this hue.

I always wanted a formal dining room with drama, so I selected two deep rich Sherwin Williams colors (Vibrant Violet and Cabaret Purple) and used the Wall Magic technique to apply them. I love the result! Most people think that the walls are covered with suede because the appearance of texture that the technique gives.

I think I will make this a three part series and show you my other rooms over the next couple of posts. If you hate purple your can sit out the next two posts and if you love purple you'll have something to look forward to! LOL!
Hope you are having a great day!


Elizabeth said...

I think the purple looks great!! A lot of people ask me what my favorite color is,and I always tell them I don't have one....maybe it is the artist in me,but I will have to say that I gravitate towards shades of purple and I love red,so maybe I do have favorite colors. I can't wait to see the other purple rooms :)

Nermal and Kitty said...

I love your dining room-quite dramatic & beautiful. I've been wanting an eggplant room, but hubby voted me down. I may try it on the guest bath. Can't wait for the other pics. Nerm

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,
I am not a purple fan but I do like lavender but then I tend to like softer shades. I can't wait to see your other rooms.

LeAnn :)

Cami said...

I agree---either you love it. Or you don't. It is not high on my list, but I admire people who decorate well with it. I'm a total -AQUA- girl. Love pink, yellow and green too. Sorry purple!