Friday, April 11, 2008

Purple Reign Concluded

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for...the third and final installment in my purple room miniseries. This is a spare bedroom that I use as a crafting area. I put away my junk laden folding tables just for you! I used a Benjamin Moore paint, but I can't remember the color. If you ever watched Sharon Osborne's talk show, her background set was painted the most perfect shade of purple...this is NOT that shade, but I THOUGHT it would be when I selected it. It wasn't quite what I was going for, but I still like it. I'm glad you came along for my little tour. Let's see...what should be next... pink bathrooms or rooms painted green?
Hope you have a colorful day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,
Oooh, I love the black check and the black toile with the purple. That is a great combination.

LeAnn :)

Joy *THe VinTaGe RabBit said...

Love it! OMGosh!!! Did you just love the set of Sharon's show!!! I was so mad when that went off the air!!! I loved looking at everything that she had done on there! Smiles,

Elizabeth said...

I like the purple and black combination....That room looks soooo cozy :) Very charming.

Natalea said...

this room is gorgeous Melissa! I'm loving that toile armchair!
have a great day! xo natalea

Anonymous said...

Hi Mellisa came across your blog today I love it !Ilove vintage stuff to please can I add you to my blog ? come by and visit me I'm sure you would like my blog also .Have a look at my 1950s kitchen I have a link to it on my blog! Its just your style. love from sesga xx