Saturday, January 17, 2009


The good thing about using an artificial Christmas tree is that you can leave it up longer.
The bad thing about using an artificial Christmas tree is that you can leave it up longer.
Exhibit A...
Yes folks, this tree is still up in my dining room. I have taken most of the ornaments off, but it is still not "down."
There, I said it.
My goal is to have it all put away this weekend. I then can join the ranks of all you sane and upright citizens who have already commenced cleaning, purging, and organizing. Or maybe I'll skip all of that and just shift into Valentine mode without feeling so guilty.
Now if I'm going to be really honest, I should admit that there are other Christmas items still lingering around in addition to the tree. But Frosty's on notice, it's thumpety thump thump over the hills to the storage bin for him, ASAP!


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vivian said...

I have too many snowman to put them all out at christmas, so I put out only the really christmasy ones then after christmas when the tree and everything else gets put away, the rest of the snowmen come out and the valentine stuff! at the end of feb that stuff goes away and easter comes out! after easter we go back to normal.. which is sringish and summery! its around the calander decorating here! theres halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, snowmen, valentines, easter... and then springy/summer to hold over til fall/halloween. eiy yie yie!! its drives my family nuts.. but I know they'd miss it if I didnt do it !!
have a great week!

Cali Girl said...

this made me laugh because my sweet tree is still up in the kitchen.. i sooo need to take it down.

Angela said...

Well, I have to confess that I still have some Christmas stuff still lingering around also. Not the tree, it was a real one and had to go. I just carried up some things this evening but there is still more to go! hehehehehe

Take care,

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

You & I are in the same boat! My snowmen usually stay out til closer to Valentine's Day, but with all the warm weather, I'm just not in the mood....may go straight to VDay myself!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Talking with Tami said...

I hate putting up and taking down my tree too. My kids put it up this year I didnt feel like wrestling with it lol I loove my bracelet thanks so much Melissa,its so pretty and have alot of princessy stuff on it that I love! Im on a tv show tonite live so I will be wearing the bracelet!