Saturday, January 3, 2009

Injured Reserve

I have been on the sofa nursing my first athletic injury. I know it's hard to believe that a person in her late thirties hasn't sustained a sports related injury before this, but it's true. Maybe if I had ever been genuinely athletic prior to now it would have happened sooner. However, spraining my ankle while doing cartwheels in the house at the age of nine was as close as I ever came. No worries, I'm going to be alright. I am icing my achy shoulder and following a strict caffeine and painkiller regimen. I am going to have to refrain from playing this for awhile though...
It was the tennis match to end all tennis matches that brought me to my current supine spot. What started out as an innocent best of five match spiraled out of control into a three hour sports fest which added bowling and baseball along the way. While I naturally had enough carbs in my system for this impromptu marathon, I definitely should have been more hydrated. Ooh, and STRETCHING would have been a first rate idea too. If I had stretched then maybe I would not be soooo sore. But alas, I did not.
And this little piggy cried, "Wii, Wii, Wii!" all the way home.


Traci said...

OMG! That is too funny....sorry, but it is. I've heard of several injuries like this on the news....I'm sure some jerk will sue eventually...don't you?

hunnybunny said...

LOL LOL LOL! I have a Wii and can understand, I got the Wii Fit for the sole purpose of hula hooping, because I am that cool. I can't because of my bad foot, although it has taught me to love stepping. We shall persevere and show that Wii.

Angela said...

Bad Wii!!! lol I also have problems with my Wii! lol I can't play any games that have a lot of movement. lol Cars and Shrek make me dizzy and just sick. I can't even watch the kids play them! lol
You take care!
Happy New Year!

vivian said...

Hi! Ive been by a couple times and love your blog, I hope you dont mind that I've added you to my blog list. I want to be able to find my way back in one click! If you do, let me know and I can delete the link. NOrmally I would ask before linking, but I had the time tonight and just went ahead and did it!
I hope you can get a chance to pop in and visit my blog as well!
Love the Barbie advant calander! how cute.. MY daughters, who are in their 20's would LOVE it also!
Have a sweet and creative week!

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

So Sorry about your injury! but I have to say that "wii wii wii all the way home had me in stitches!

Feel better soon! and lay off the Wii :) at least for now :)

Happy 2009! Hugs, Cynthia

vintage sue of VRS said...

Did you at least win?

I fractured my heel BOWLING last summer. I got a strike, started jumping up and down, and BOOM. The doctors in the ER laughed hysterically.

We should just stick to crafty endeavors...

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What a funny little post today!! So sorry you are sore, tho!!

Feel better soon!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

natalea said...

hope you're doing better Melissa! I hear that Wii is quite the rage!
xo natalea

Pink Slippers said...

Get better soon. I am a Dr. pepper fan too.

KV Creative Designs said...

Oh so sorry to hear you were injured. Love your store!! We have a Wii and the Wii Fit and WIIIIIIII love it!!! I love the fact that it is interactive and gets you up off the couch! Get better soon!

Happy New Year and Artful Blessings,

The Vintage Rabbit said...

I am so sorry to hear about your injury!! my husband and I got Wii before christmas and we love it!! But...we have had some of our own injuries elbow from playing I don't know how games of Tennis and of course we had to follow that with many games of baseball and not to forget our favorite bowling..all in one day til 2 am in the morning!! So I know your pain...I hope that your a mending well...