Friday, May 30, 2008

Red and White Delight

For some reason Memorial Weekend felt like July 4th Weekend to me this year. We ate ice cream and even saw fireworks, so the whole summer timeline is now all goofed up in my brain. This has a benefit though... Whenever I have neglected to decorate for a holiday, I always get the sudden urge to do so either the day before or after the fact completely, when it's too late and really doesn't matter at all. This has happened on Valentine's Day and even Halloween. I have all these great ideas and intentions, but I usually just scrap them and make a solemn vow to myself that next year I will do better and start earlier.
Okay, so to make a short story long, since I am all out of whack thinking that Independence Day has already passed, I have begun to decorate for it. Makes perfect sense right? And can you believe it, it's only May and the Easter decorations are already coming down!

In my kitchen I have a wall where I change out the decor seasonally (at least in theory). I thought I would punch things up with a little red this year. I came up with this on July 5, 2007 but I waited until now to implement my plan. This may be as far as it gets, we'll see.


LiLi M. said...

This all sounds too familiar to me...I always am planning to start earlier too...hahaha I have enjoyed your post so much...I still have to remove the eggs, which aren't easter eggs, oh no :-)

Anonymous said...

OOh I love the red and white plates, so fresh and summery.


Donna O. said...

Funny, I kind of felt the same way and I never had before. Last year I put nothing out for the 4th so you've inspired me to start early this year....we'll see!