Wednesday, May 14, 2008

To Me, From Me

This is a little something I bought myself for Mother's Day. I have been asking for one of these ever since I saw them for sale a few years back. No one took me seriously though... not even Santa. He thought my wish list was that of a seven year old boy and left what was rightfully mine at the house next door. But I have had the last laugh, I saw this little dream machine at Target and I brought it home with me. Now I don't plan on keeping all the magical fairy floss I whip up to myself. I have very altruistic plans in mind...
First, I will dazzle the neighborhood children on Halloween as I spin orange, green and purple webs of happiness for them to enjoy. Forget the neighbor giving out full size chocolate bars, the lady on the corner is making COTTON CANDY!
Next, I will whip up a Pina Colada flavored batch for my Girls Only Movie Night!
But most importantly, I will have a cotton candy station for my daughter's next birthday!
Okay, let's reevaluate. It took me 45 minutes to make just four paper cones "full" of goodness...Maybe if I start TONIGHT I will have enough made for the birthday party... in July.


Scrappy Jessi said...

ok how stinkin cute is that!!
you'll get the hang of it. maybe you can have a craft/cotton candy booth at the fair.
id be in line,

Natalea said...

that's awesome Melissa! First I love that you bought yourself a Mother's Day gift (I did that as well...a few times!) and second, how cool will you be when you're making Halloween cotton candy! Wish you were my neighbor! How fun! (who cares if it takes forever!) xo natalea

Elizabeth said...

That is so cool! I didn't even know Target sold those. Maybe when you get a little better at it, it won't take that long.

hunnybunny said...

That's fabulous!!! It will get better, what a wonderful gift to yourself I hope you continue to enjoy it. I love the vase you use to hold them, I have a piece that's very similar.

Anonymous said...

Oh Melissa, how much fun. I love it.

Sarah said...

Love it! My daughter would go crazy if I got that. Why does it take 45 minutes out of curiosity? I may have to wonder over to the small appliances next time I'm at Target...which is about every other day! HA!

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Soooo cute! I saw them too... and *almost* gave in. Maybe next time...heehee. :)