Monday, March 17, 2008

Cake Dome Redo

I bought this at Hobby Lobby around Christmas. It has two of my favorite elements, a cake pedestal and a glass cloche on top. Ah, the best of both worlds! In December on into errrr...February this displayed a sweet little snowman arrangement. Sorry, photo not available. That was B.B. (before blog:) Anyhoo, I started thinking if only the base wasn't red, I would probably keep this piece out year round and change the displays with the season. I figured white would be the most versatile color for me, so I bought a small bottle of acrylic craft paint along with a basic foam brush and went to work. It took a couple of coats to cover the red. I wanted a somewhat cottage feel, so I didn't worry about doing more coats than that,and I was happy with the whitewashed look that was the result. I thought this would be the perfect venue for my ballroom dancing bunnies and I think they agree!


Elizabeth said...

Well that is super cute!! I have a wall sconce type of shelf,that needs a paint job like that. I bought this real big cloche in France that I love,and put little seasonal things under it all the time. I had a snow man and tree under it for Christmas and now I have a spring thing going on.
By the way,how did you create your banner? I have tried to do it and I can't shrink the picture I want small enough.

Nermal and Kitty said...

Don't you just love paint?! I spray paint everything. At Christmas I'm a wild woman. Paint transforms everything. I love
those glass cloches too; must get one. Nerm

Natalea said...

I have one just like this and that's exactly what I do- leave it out and change out what's on display! I love it! xo natalea

Anonymous said...

I love this, it's adorable.

LeAnn :)