Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm It!

Hi sweet friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. It was cold and cloudy here, so we all had to squeeze in amongst the flower arrangements and bunnies rather than eat outside. We all managed to fit though! LOL!

My sweet friend Natalea tagged me to do the ever popular Blogland game of listing seven random facts about yourself. I'll try not to scare you all off by airing out too much of my crazy at one time. :)

1. I have some definite OCD issues. Let me qualify that statement...I'm the type of girl who has to have every cabinet/closet door shut COMPLETELY. Also no drawer in the house or within my proximity can be ajar. Most importantly, all objects hanging on the wall must be level. That being said, the rest of the house can be in utter ruin so long as those very "important" issues are addressed. LOL!

2.I remember obscure trivia from television/movies/ and life in general. I'm not talking about useful trivia that could help me win big money on Jeopardy, nothing helpful like that. I mean more along the lines of being able to tell you all the words to a song that I had never heard before that was playing in the background of an ABC Friday Night Movie from 1978, you know, IMPORTANT things.

3. Prior to attending college several hundred miles away from my hometown, I had only been away overnight from my family twice in eighteen years. These two times were slumber parties in the fifth grade. That's right, no week away at camp, no youth group retreat, no junior year abroad. I was NOT interested. I have always loved home.

4. Whenever I buy new clothes, I enjoy looking at them with the tags still on them for days, even weeks before I will actually wear them. I have always been this way. I think I like visualizing what it will be like to wear them and the possibilities that go along with that the most. School clothes are a perfect example of this. You get the clothes, but school hasn't started yet so you have to wait and anticipate wearing them.

5. I am addicted to Dr. Pepper, so much so that a twelve step program might be in order.

6. I do not like coffee mugs, they irritate me. I do not like their shape, feel, or flat graphics. I am not a coffee drinker so I really shouldn't care, but I do.

7.I am afraid of birds. Sure, I love beautiful illustrations of them, but if a real one even looks like it's going to fly in my direction I do the duck and run move. If you have ever seen the Hitchcock movie, I would be the girl at the front of the pack screaming the loudest with my hands over my head in surrender. LOL!

So much for not letting my crazy hang out all at once! Hope you all have had a great Monday.


Elizabeth said...

I love your every cabinet and drawer has to be shut and pictures not hung askew! That is me. I studied museum display and design in college, and if any pictures or photos are hanging wrong or askew It will truly drive me insane!! Also both my daughter and I hate when cabinets or drawers are left open. Not even for a minute!!

Sarah said...

Me too! I'm not a fan of birds. They freak me out a bit. There dangerous, scary, and unpredictable, nauseating. My worst fear would be stuck in a 10x10 room with any kid of bird. HA!

Our Back Porch said...

Hello there. I just found your blog. OMGosh, your charm bracelets are unbelievably awesome! I hope you make more soon!! I'm bookmarking your blog, so I'll be back!

Hugs and Blessings,

Anonymous said...

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